Midweek Backing Track(s) - Your Choice 04.27.22

Alan L Cole

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May 23, 2017
Nice one @Mjark!
And: thanks Alan for continuing to indulge these ol' tracks.
This BT is a little bit of a mess to my ears now - but perhaps it's just my own take. I played the backing acoustic on a J-100 Extra and lobbed it over to Rainer Gaffrey in Germany who provided the bass, some of the backing electric, the drums, and the synths in a much-appreciated effort to turn it into something with a bit of variety that folks might like to play over. It's 116 bpm for those of you keeping score. By the time I got done going overboard with my own "take" back then (11 years? Jeepers!) the Soundclick caption tells me there were six layers of me mucking up the result - including one of the few times I ever recorded myself playing slide - and my mixing skills/tools then (and probably now) weren't adequate to juggle all that. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I can't go back in and remix it yet again with today's ears. Here's where I ended up then:
I think your backers are great Clay. Thank you for providing them to the group!


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Nov 16, 2018
next to the burn zone
Thanks Alan,

This is my first acoustic recording here, just got the pup yesterday, totally new beast.

I'm using
Yamaha acoustic FG800
Lovay Pup
Magic Stomp acoustic modeling mode
Katana on acoustic mode, delay and reverb

Overkill, it sounds processed, but that's not the pups fault.
I have a lot of ways to record, maybe the MagicStomp only, no Katana, or maybe just the Katana, fun.

The Lovay pup is from China and new on Amazon and amazingly is only $12 dollars. I think it sounds just like the standard magnetic pup it is, well balanced, warm, very good. solidly made of metal, 10ft cord. I was skeptical but very pleased now. Great deal.

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