Midweek Backing Track(s) - Your Choice 04.27.22


Jul 27, 2006
Nice one @Mjark!
And: thanks Alan for continuing to indulge these ol' tracks.
This BT is a little bit of a mess to my ears now - but perhaps it's just my own take. I played the backing acoustic on a J-100 Extra and lobbed it over to Rainer Gaffrey in Germany who provided the bass, some of the backing electric, the drums, and the synths in a much-appreciated effort to turn it into something with a bit of variety that folks might like to play over. It's 116 bpm for those of you keeping score. By the time I got done going overboard with my own "take" back then (11 years? Jeepers!) the Soundclick caption tells me there were six layers of me mucking up the result - including one of the few times I ever recorded myself playing slide - and my mixing skills/tools then (and probably now) weren't adequate to juggle all that. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I can't go back in and remix it yet again with today's ears. Here's where I ended up then:

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