Midweek Backing Track(s) - Your Choice 04.13.22


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May 29, 2020
Here's my 'Worst Song Names Contest' candidate 😅

Depending on device I was listening, some trebles felt kinda loud. Now after resting my ears, made one more version. Dunno, it feels really hard to get things right.
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Sep 30, 2011
Dutchess County NY
Sorry for the delay. I've been wanting to use my Bassman and decided I would make it happen for this. I needed to install an adjustable bias mod in it so I could use a set of 5881's to knock the power down a bit. It was too much amp for my attenuator but I got that all sorted out now. I put some of the mod details in the video. It's been tough getting the time I needed to get this done. I'm absolutely swamped at work and have a million honey do projects going at home. This was high priority for me because the amp was out of rotation until I fixed the problem. It's nice to be able to play it without worrying about setting my attenuator on fire.

Knocking a few watts off the top worked out just as I planned it would. The only downside is I won't be be able to fry eggs on my Weber Mass anymore. :lol:

Here's #3.

500V on the plates. There aren't too many 5881's I will be able to run in this sucker. I'm using a tough old set of Sylvania's for now. I'll pick up a set of JJ's when they are back in stock. Re-issue Tung-Sols would roast in this amp in minutes. The tube balance control came in very handy because the tubes I'm running in it aren't well matched. Between that and the adjustable bias pot I installed I was able to dial them in to 33ma on one side and 32.5ma on the other which is darn near perfect in my book.
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