Mickey Baker jazz chords, open tuning

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    Likely of niche interest. I play 5-string open tuning, GDGBD. I came across Mickey Baker's jazz book (mentioned recently on TDPRI) as a free pdf. I like his succinct style and adapted his chords to open tuning. Here are a few.

        G Gmaj7 Amaj7  Amaj7   Gmaj6  Amin7  Amin7  Amin6  Amin6 D13b5b9  A13b9
    D --0----0---x------2--------0-----10------5-----10------5------6------5---
    B --0----0---2------2--------0------8------5------7------5------4------2---
    G --0----0---1------1--------0------9------5------9------5------4------3---
    D --0----4---2------2--------2------7------5------7------4------4------4---
    G --0----0---2------2--------0------x------2------x------2------5------x---
    G Flagship chord of open tuning.
    Gmaj7 Not a barre chord unless your hands are bigger than mine.
    Amaj7 Barre chord version of maj7. Pinky mutes one string.
    Amaj7 Same as previous, but sounds better. Thumb fret G&D strings!
    Gmaj6 Jimmy Reed memorial chord.
    Amin7 Index finger mutes the low G string.
    Amin7 Alternative shape for large hands.
    Amin6 Index finger mutes the low G string. Easy transition from Amin7.
    Amin6 Alternative shape for large hands.
    D13b5b9 A fun one! Arch your middle finger for the low G string. Or thumb fret it!
    A13b9 Mute the G string with your ring finger (or thumb).
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    Very cool, thank you for sharing.
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    OP bebopbrain, plz excuse my imperative style here - it is just for show - I'm not the boss of you:

    Now do the same for C6! Diagram a whole slew of fretted chords in C6 tuning! low to high C E G A C E that's my niche :)

    btw, on the 'net, I've found C6 chord diagrams, but the ones I found are for slide.

    Or somebody plz point me to chord diagrams for C6 so I don't have to re-invent the wheel :(

    [edit] bebopbrain, I do notice your, low to high, G D G B D tuning is real close to (what I think of as) Appalachian dobro tuning, low to high, G B D G B D, which I fooled with a bit before going over to C6, low to high, C E G A C E.

    Are you, by any chance, aiming to do real quick changes between slide and fretting in the same song?
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