Met the Devil at the Track One Day: Writer's Block Lyric


Friend of Leo's
Jun 22, 2009
Falls City
Met The Devil At The Track One Day

met the devil at the track one day
he walked up and said you doin ok ?
I nodded at 'em with a half faked grin
then I looked back down at my program again
he wanted to know who I liked this race
said he "bets to win" doesn't "fool with place"
asked me if I "had a cigarette"
said we "better hurry up if we're gonna bet"

then he handed me a hundred said bet me the three
you know they won't take any bets from me

well I was thinkin bout boxin the six with the nine
but I couldn't get the devil off my mind
he must feel confident to bet that much
so I took all my money and bet it on his hunch
breakin from the gate the three was dead last
but in the stretch I lost count of the ones he passed
there was only one more the one that was leadin
when the three took the wire I just couldn't believe it

the devil thanked me said how bout that three
now you know why they don't take bets from me

I thanked him but I stopped short of shakin his hand
he said wait a minute boy you don't understand
bettin with the devil's always had it's price
walkin away with all that money aint bein real nice
I stopped and turned and I looked him in the eye
and said devil I just can't really see why
you asked for a favor and I did what you said
just go cash your ticket you didn't do too bad

he said ok I'll give you winners for free
cause they still won't take any bets from me

well I felt like I might at least owe him that
took his money for his bet and when I got back
he asked me what I was gonna do with my winnins
I tried to hold back but I started grinnin
said I'm giving it to the orphanage in my home town
and when he heard that he nearly fell down
he said I can't believe you'd just give it away
why'd you even come to the track today ?

he said I still think you owe me for the tip on that three
it's all because they won't take bets from me
aren't you glad they don't take any bets from me ?

well they broke from the gate and the six was on top
but the devils number seven looked like it might pop
it was passin horses like they were standin still 'n
he nudged me and said boy we're makin a killin
Diablos Sin was was the sevens horses'name
and he had the lead just a rollin down the lane
but the devil wasn't happy when the winner was declared
the track announcer screamed it's Orphans Prayer !

I said I'm sorry mister devil but this time I bet the two
now excuse me 'cause I got some good to do
and I aint makin any more bets for you

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