Melvyn Hiscock's book - 3rd ed on the way

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    Melvyn Hiscock's book Make Your Own Electric Guitar is widely appreciated on TDPRI and a new edition has been mentioned in various threads.

    I though it was important enough to have its own thread. His Facebook page makes it clear that it's well on the way, but there's no date yet. You can subscribe to advance notification of publication on his website

    I don't have the facilities to build now but when I did, back in the 80s, the first edition was my bible. I remember wiring in a pair of Schaller humbuckers on my first build using a Schaller diagram he reproduced in the book and being up into the small hours trying to get it to work. Next day I looked at the instruction leaflet that came with the pickups and realising that what Melvyn had reproduced was incorrect. I wrote to him about it and had a long, charming and very funny letter back apologising and revealing the secret story about why one of the builds in the book was for a left handed guitar. I won't give his secret away, but let's just say it involved an all night photo session and an inadvertently reversed template...

    I'll certainly be buying the new edition for old times sake.

    Here's a poor picture of one I built from his book. Tele #1 Jan87 a.jpg
    Thanks Melvyn!
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    Melv and I have never met, but we go back 20+ some years when newsgroups were the musical forum to participate in. I had already been building for a while when his first book came out. It was on sale at the lumber store book rack and the owner thought I should buy it.....

    I helped him out with the second revision a little and he actually sent me a free autographed copy, and a plug in the acknowledgements page which was a nice thing to do. Yes, I'm that Marty. :)

    I'll be buying a third copy too.
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    Hey, hey. And there you are!

    I've signed up for the notification and will look forward to the 3rd edition! :)
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  4. Mr_Q

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    Dec 21, 2018
    At the encouragement of my TDPRI friends, I bought a copy of the 2nd Ed. I've referred to it repeatedly, especially for my current through-neck build.
    Now I recommend it frequently.

    Fun fact: on one of Ben Crowe's videos, he has a dog-eared copy sitting on his bench.
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    That's very good news, and it'll be nice to see it coming to completion. We exchanged a few emails a couple of years ago, I offered Mr. Hiscock to translate the book to French since there are actually none in my mother tongue, but apparently there wasn't much interest from the publishers since it is such a niche subject.

    I'm sure he'll post something here soon enough. Good work Melvyn, can't wait to see it in the flesh!
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