Marty Stuart -Hummingbyrd Tab [most accurate out there I believe] - Marty Stuart

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    Hey guys, I've been workin my ass off trying to nail this TAB for the past couple days. As far as I know it's the most accurate tablature of the song on this ol' net we know and love.

    Couple things of note:

    1: I want your guys' feedback on the notation I used for the B-Bender parts. This was a first attempt for me so let me know what you think, e.g if the font is hard to see, not big enough, etc.

    2: I made this tab of the track using the live version he did in 2010 on TV (see here: )

    and the original track (see here:


    I have chucked in more stuff from the live version than the track, because he actually plays more notes in the live one, in a way that is more like Clarence, and since it is an ode to Clarence, I thought it was right to go with the slightly more involved runs most of the time. Also everything is slightly easier to hear in the live version, so I'd rather go with stuff I'm sure about rather than having lots of guess-point all the way through.

    3: Bars 142-145 are a direct transcription of Clarence's opening lines in the live version of Nashville west off untitled/unissued:


    In my opinion the syncopation he uses here so effortlessly shows the true genius of the man, and since 'Hummingbyrd' is in part based off 'Nashville West', I thought this was a fun little thing to add in. In the track, Marty just repeats the same phrase he's played for the last two rounds of 4 bars.

    3: On page three, at the head, the last quaver of bar 60 should be a pull off. little mistake but don't think it takes away enough to go back and change it.

    I think that's it from me. Have fun!!!

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