Man! What a dream...


Dec 6, 2021
I've tried a few of those binaural lucid dreaming meditations on YouTube for an hour prior to going to sleep. Several times over the last 4 or 5 years because I'm a bit of a fan of these minding bending flights of fancy without the use of substances.

In short, I'm weird and have always been called weird. Late ASD diagnosis probably explains it, and explains the last few lines of digression.

Anyways: these lucid dreaming apps work 100% successfully with me.
The theory is that during a lucid dream you can ask yourself questions and find answers to stuff buried deep in your psyche.
That appeals to traumatised souls like me and I'll always write a question down to ask myself beforehand.

When the lucid dream arrives and I realise I'm dreaming, invariably one of two things happens...

First of all I forget about the earnest question that might plumb the hidden depths of my psyche.

Then in my dream, I realise I'm dreaming I see somebody I've always fancied sleeping with (they're always willing) and have an inconsequential fu-fu-fumble.

Or more often...

I think "Hey I'm dreaming which means I can fly!!!"
and go for a wee flap around the neighbourhood.

For those of you stupid enough to have read this far, my flying technique involves movement very similar to how The Man From Atlantis used to swim.



Jul 6, 2008
Many years ago when I was living in Ontario CA I dreamed that I hit the Wintario for $100,000 and I remembered the numbers. They were 110202. I played them weekly for a year or so and gave up. I decided that if I just worked hard and not play the lottos the money would come to me anyways. Hasn't yet.


Friend of Leo's
Jun 29, 2004
I have wild, vivid dreams practically every night and I have pretty good recall.

I've had a recurring music dream where I'm on stage with one of my musical heroes and they've asked me to sit in for the gig. I'm flying high as we're getting ready to kick off the first tune and then I suddenly realize I can't play any of their material. I've had this version a couple of times about being in Pat Metheny's gig. I love jazz and although I know some nice chords and dabble in the modes I'd never consider myself a "jazz" player.

Had another good one a while back where I was a close assistant to a former president on the campaign trail (I won't name names because it will inevitably trigger a snarky remark from some idiot here). We were in a hotel room and I was going over the day's events with the prez and first lady. Suddenly he turns around and he's in full Ralph Cramden garb and doing a dead-on impersonation.

I have recurring dreams about seeing planes crash. I have recurring dreams where I go into my basement and it's absolutely massive, empty and cavernous, walls painted dingy white, sometimes terraced or multi-level, and there's water running through it somewhere. Not good.

And I have a recurring dream where I find one of the old beater cars I owned as a kid, sitting untouched in a barn for the past few decades. In my dream I still own it but had completely forgotten about it. I start driving the car as my daily driver, appreciating it not because of the nostalgia but because it's a "free" car and I can keep the miles off my current vehicle. Suddenly I realize the oil hasn't been changed in 30 years and I should really get it taken care of ASAP.

I'm weird, yes I know.


Doctor of Teleocity
Jan 1, 2014
Suffolk UK
A perfect adjective for the deed.
I would like that description of my character to be used in my obituary.

"Mr K's family and friend spoke glowingly of a life well lived and with great admiration described his greatest character asset and the pinnacle of his achievements as being a Robust Farter..."
Funnily enough, my wife got up to spend a penny in the night, went to return to the bedroom, and quickly scurried off to the spare room to complete her nights sleep. I asked her in the morning why she was in the spare room? She replied, that between me and the dogs lying on the bed, it was like walking into a wall of fart! 💨 🤣