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Made available a free app at Chrome Store: frєt{notes}

Discussion in 'Tab, Tips, Theory and Technique' started by KenA, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. KenA

    KenA TDPRI Member

    Jan 28, 2014
    Born in Brazil - Living in Japan
    Hi everyone, first of hope you're all doing alright and healthy.

    Short story: since I started learning the guitar I've noticed that I had some difficulty looking at what someone else was playing mainly because I get an opposite view of the scenario and also the general issues of finding the notes, intervals, chord tones, scales, modes, etc ... A long time ago I made a quick app so I could sketch a view of what's happening on the fretboard and I've been using it since then ...

    With this Covid thing I decided to take advantage that things got kinda slow and took the time to remake the app and made it a bit more presentable so others could benefit from it (I hope ...). I don't want to host the app in a personal website and I've wanted it to be free as well, including the source code in case someone would be interested in, and it also should be done with default native browser technologies: HTML, CSS and Javascript ... no plugins and no external javascript libraries like jquery, etc ... oh and also no cookies to collect/sell/transmit user data ... that's basically why I decided to release it as a browser extension ... right now it's distributed as a Google Chrome extension, but it's doable as a Firefox add-on also if needed ...

    It's available at the Google Chrome Store at: http://bit.do/fretnotes
    ps.: it's a free app, but of course a donation would be very appreciated. In case you feel like helping me, you'll see the Paypal button on the app.
    Well, hope it really helps you to play better and achieve your goals.
    All the best, Ken.
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