Madamp G3 Blues vs G3 Rock

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Blues or Rock?

  1. Blues. That pentode front end is special.

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  2. Rock. Dum dum dum, dum dum di-dum, dum dum dum, dum dummm.

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  3. They all sound the same with enough fuzz.

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  4. Run them in stereo. Double the fun.

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  5. Turtles.

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  6. This page left intentionally blank.

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  1. VintageSG

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    Mar 31, 2016
    Not exactly a battle of the titans, and probably of very little interest to anyone outside Europe/UK.

    A few years ago, I built the Musikding Madamp G3 Blues kit. I'm very glad I did. Any amplifier that entices you to play clean, slow arpeggios on the wound strings, just to hear the note develop, the string nodes move and then fade away again has to have some merit. It's a joy to play through clean, and remains so through pretty much the entire range of the gain and master sweeps. The pentode front end and dual triode output stage give it a different flavour to low wattage single ended pentode/tetrode. The output valve used is the Soviet 6n6p, roughly equivalent to a 12BH7 or ECC99. In push/pull, it gets to around 3 Watts. 3 Watts is very loud in a small room.
    The complement of the G3 Blues is a 6f1p, a 6n1p and the 6n6p.

    The G3 Rock dispenses with the 6f1p and 6n1p to replace them with a pair of 6n2p. Broadly equivalent to the 12AX7
    The Blues is...different. The Rock looks fairly generic, and quite 'gainy'

    I'll be starting building the Rock in a couple of days. Let the games commence.

    Cast your eyes over the schematics. The Blues model in particular may provide a few new ideas.

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