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Nov 17, 2011
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I find it difficult to look at lyrics and then try to come up with a tune to fit them. For me, I have to have a tune in my head which suggests the start of the lyrics. Once the idea for the lyrics is established, I start to write/edit the verses, chorus/bridge, and ending. A notebook is great for jotting down these ideas.

I do find it best to try to write quickly - while the mood is set and creativity if flowing. I often just write down something (anything) in my head, then go back later and edit the material to both make sense lyrically and work better with the melody. Then I'll record a demo and see if it sounds as good as I think it does. If not, it remains an unused demo track on my hard drive...
Howdy archtop....

We all have different inherent propensities, skill sets, song writing goals and approaches.
I do hear music in my head so I've written songs where lyrics have come first or the music rattles around in my mind will stimulate the other to completion.

Personally, I've never tried to write 'quickly'.
I have very rarely started a song that I didn't finish to my satisfaction....that takes dedicated time investment.
I enjoy the academic, focused, disciplined writing approach which is to think about the song subject and flesh it out.
No cheesy lyrics, no 'oh-oh-oh-oh-oh's'.
No songs with the word 'baby', no forlorn melodies of maudlin songs about love lost.
There's plenty of famous song writers doing that already. :)

IOW....when a subject, phrase or word stimulates my interest I go there in my mind and imagine all the imagery that would go with that subject.
Then, I start writing it out and, of course, a few lines just may be place holders for the moment.
Having the keeper lyrics will help me replace those place holders as the story progresses.

What doesn't work for saving countless snippets I've done nothing with because of my unfocused, creative laziness.
To the majority of us, it's likely just not that important as a goal.
But I, in this context, take my song writing challenges more seriously....I just like to write songs.
Even though I have no listening fan base or will ever be famous....that's not my creative motive anyway.

"Song writing is hard" doubt about it.

I'll remain a song writing bottom feeder and I'm comfortable there.
I have no audience to foist high expectations on my efforts. :)

I'd always suggest to post up the lyrics you're having problems with and maybe others can offer some suggestions and provide a reason to finish up what you started....just a thought.

But....that's just me and to each there own path.
I wish all well with their song writing efforts.

Carry on....
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