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    Apr 13, 2008
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    Bought an Indonesian Squire that is at least 10 years old. Has P90 in neck and blade HB in treble position. And quality smoky MOP pickguard. Paid $145. Thought I would sell it for parts. But got interested and friend came over on the same day and sold me the first version of the 5 watt Blackstar for $200. Have brother making me copy of 1979 DOD that doesn't break up till after 3 or 4. Need this since amp has poor clean channel. I owned one back then too. Haven't played it yet. Took it right away to tech. Should get it Monday. Had stopped playing electric to focus on acoustic/resonator. But I am back. Love telecasters. Had wrong screws and loose wires under the pickguard and a setup. Would hate to be tech. I told him to set it up mainly for slide, and if I feel like playing some Keef. Oh got a brown alligator finish hard shell case included in the deal. Will update on sound/playability. Must have been my lucky day.

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