LPJ. 2016 - 2022 build.


May 12, 2019
Leschenault, Western Australia
As a rainy day gets, today was a good one to keep going on a project.

in about 2016, I had glued and cut out this piece of Acacia, it's the ends to a benchtop I made for my study, I had 2 bits left over, so laminated them together. I cut the shape roughly, and left it sitting up on a shed in my building room.

I'm not the biggest fan of Gibsons, but I really like Les Paul Juniors, so I decided to make my own out of this timber. Last year sometime I ordered a neck, and was keen to get on with it, but then I randomly saw a Toronado on the net and had to build that, so built that instead :lol:

But anyway, today was a bleak autumn day here, I had a spare day, and decided to get up in the room and get some **** done.

I routed out the neck, then when going through my boxes of parts, I found the bridge. The one to use. A... Floyd Rose.

I got this bridge when I bought a LTD Alexi-200 that was pieces, I used the neck on my coil split twin humbucker tele, and just kept the rest.

I set the neck at the 3 degree angle, went onto the FR site and got the routing specifics, and went to town. I haven't finished any of the sanding.

1 thing that I don't like is the LPJ neck pocket. I don't know whether to change this or not, haven't completely decided.

Definitely thinking staining the front, and then gloss black the sides and back, i'm in 2 minds, whatever i do, I definitely want the sides to be gloss black though. Will be single humbucker tail with vol/tone and maybe coilsplit as well.




Nov 6, 2021
The thing about building your own guitars is if you don't like something about the retail guitar you're copying you can change it to suit yourself, I love Teles with set necks so that's what I like making and I'm sure there are people who like LP's with bolt on necks.
Building your own guitar is awesome.

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