Louder Speaker for 5E3 tweed deluxe?


Poster Extraordinaire
Jan 2, 2007
Beaumont, CA
Been a minute.... But, I can finally give a report on my idea of throwing the Creamback 65 into my 5e3!

It was a good decision. I had done it before a jam a few weeks ago, but ended up never playing through it. I had, honestly, forgotten I had done it. Then, I went to grab it to take to band practice last night. It is definitely a few pounds heavier!

But, it is also waaaaaaaaaaay louder! I actually had to turn down at practice!

There is a difference in tone. But, I am not sure I can accurately describe it. It's a little thicker in the mids. But, it's not congested, or muddy sounding at all. It cut nicely, crunched beautifully. But, it didn't sound like a vintage 5e3... It sounded tweed, for sure, but a little less scooped, maybe?

I got compliments from the band on the new speaker. But, best of all, I liked how sounded! And, it was much louder. I think plenty loud enough for my uses!