Los Lobos, City Winery NYC 12-20-22

CX Hunter

May 12, 2020
Pomona NY
If yer in NY area they are playing in Feb this year. Just booked tickets at the venue in Union NJ. Might go see them the next night in Peekskill as well. They are one of those amazing bands that slipped by me for years. I knew nothing about them really, then a ways back I was looking to find out who did the really cool music at the end of a Sopranos episode, and the track was by Latin Playboys, which was their outlet for recording a bunch of their weirdest, most outre non-commercial tracks (really effing cool stuff) and when I saw the players on the CDs, I knew it was them Los Lobos guys, and started buying up all their CDs. I agree, about them being the best American band around. There are others who are more influential as a result of big hits, but what American band is still around and still writing new music after 45 years? The Eagles would sort of be close, but not really. Too many of ‘em are dead and they haven’t written new stuff in decades. That Los Lobos are around this long and haven’t been reduced to being a Oldies show playing their hits from 40 years ago, is nothing short of phenomenal. Even the Stones haven’t produced a new good song in decades. Tom Petty would be the closest to these guys for longevity etc.
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