Looking for a bright glassy, low output “50’s wind” Strat pickup Klein 59’?


Oct 17, 2015
Believe it or not, that's 25 years of spilled Diet Coke, and pick dust- makes my Strat sound awesome!

Haha, yah the up close shot probably made it appear worse than it really is. I’m a tad OCD about the care and cleaning of my guitars. I even deoxit the jacks & clean the enclosures underneath the knobs of the pedals on my board regularly (nearly a dozen I remove the knobs, the whole nine!). The amount of dust and crap I track back with me from gigs is crazy though. There’s a good reason they keep the lights down in clubs, otherwise people would be afraid to drink! :p

But at least it’s just dust and not steel wool. I’ve seen guys selling vintage 60’s Strats and nice boutique pickups/guitars with a fuzzy mound of steel wool shards completely covering the pickups. Ugh.. Now that really grinds my gears!


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Mar 2, 2010
Can a 6.7ohm neck pickup with Alnico II sound as dynamic and chimey as a 5.4 ohm Alnico V??

.....bring back the brightness, glassiness, & dynamic responsiveness to pick attack lacking in the hotter coils I have currently.. Thanks!

No, absolutely not.
Weaker magnets warm up the tone.
Stronger coils warm up the tone.
You can get bright glassy tones with weaker magnets like A2 and 3 but need even weaker coils to get there.

I'd guess going from A5 to A3 you need to lose 500 ohms of 42awg coil to roughly maintain the treble and clarity.
So your 6.7k A2 neck pickup will be the polar opposite of what you want, replacing bright glasst tone with bassy thick tone.


Apr 14, 2003
Roanoke, VA
Thank you! Yah, I’ve pretty much made up my mind and plan on going with the Klein 58’s. I was already heavily leaning in that direction to begin with.. And everything I’ve read and been told suggests that the 58’s not only fit what I’m looking for but seem to be the overall favorite in the Klein lineup.

**Quick question; How would you compare the 54’s to the 58’s?? Are they drastically different in output, brightness, etc. Or would you say they are they more like different flavors of a general thing (subjectively speaking of course, but Id like to hear about any differences at least to your ears..)??
The 54s were very nice but I much prefer the Klein 58s. The 58s are clear, full, and woody sounding. The 54s lacked the woodyness and didn’t seem as full sounding as the 58s. I know that’s objective and vague but I just hear more of what I want my Strat to sound like with the 58s. I absolutely love these pickups!

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Sep 26, 2015
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Bootstraps Golden Ale set are low wind A2 on the neck and bridge, hotter A5 on the bridge where it counts. My favourite set, no mud with a decent quack. I have a set of Custom Shop A2 pickups, and the Boostraps are clearer and better defined. Plus a flat stagger on request. For silly low money.

Having a hotter bridge means you don't have to jack it right up to balance the other pickups, avoiding excessive string pull.


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Nov 16, 2012
Alnico II's
with winding and wire similar to SD's, or his fine set!


I just looked above me about the Bootstrap set!
Sounds good ✓™


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Feb 10, 2012
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As many of you know the plethora of different builders, models & design choices.. ie; Alnico V, III, II, coil wire gauge and type. Resistance rating etc.. I get lost thinking->
Can a 6.7ohm neck pickup with Alnico II sound as dynamic and chimey as a 5.4 ohm Alnico V??

**Ive kind of zeroed in on a few specific models which seem to be what I’m looking for..
Lollar-Vintage Blonde, Tweed
Seymour Duncan-Antiquity II surfer, SSL-5,
Klein-Epic 59’, 57’, 54’, S-5 (Mayer scooped), Epic 62’
Bare Knuckle-Mothers Milk, Pat Pend 59’ Slab board, The Sultans.
Lindy Fralin- Real 54’s

Im sure there’s tons more which fit the general type and specs.. I looked into the current Fender CS line but It’s difficult to discern between the buzz word product names Like Texas Special; One might think the Texas Special would be an ideal vintage low output pickup in the ballpark of SRV. But I’ve tried them and if they’re shooting for an SRV vibe they’re very far off the mark!

I hope you’ve an idea about what I’m looking for here.. An neck + middle pickup in the 5.4-5.8 ohm range which will bring back the brightness, glassiness, & dynamic responsiveness to pick attack lacking in the hotter coils I have currently.. Thanks!
Contact Eric Daw and tell him what you want. He made my Low output Strat pickups and they’re so sweet sounding. I don’t know pickup magnets from refrigerator magnets, but I know the ones he made for me are exactly what I wanted. https://www.ericdaw.com/pickups-and-rewinds/

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Jul 18, 2008
Cumming GA
I have Klein 59s in neck & bridge of my RW board Strat, Klein 57 in middle. They are all awesome, but think the Klein 57 may be my fave Strat PU ever. Wouldn’t describe any of them as ‘glassy.’ Woody is prob a better description. Haven’t tried the 58, maybe I need too!

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