Looking for a 100w 2203 marshall part list

Discussion in 'Shock Brother's DIY Amps' started by nasdak, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. nasdak

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    Mar 22, 2013
    Hello :)
    I'm struggling to find a part list for a marshall 2203 master volume 100w.
    I found a lot of layouts but no comprehensive part list with components, wattage, resistor type...
    Also i can't really understand if it needs 3 or 6 cap cans (rated 500v they shouldn't need to be doubled)
    Thanks :)

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  2. Sean Mac

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    Mar 2, 2016
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    have you seen these..



    both for a 1959 rather than a 2203 but the circuit is very closely related.

    Marshall used 1/2 watt carbon films mostly but 1 watt would be the smallest I'd use like the Metro list suggests.

    When the number of filter caps was reduced it seems the response of the amp may have changed. A lot of people have a preference for the earlier version.

    F+T 50/50 cans are 8 euro or so each, I'd build it exactly to the schematic.

    Leave a little in your budget for hearing protection too :)
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  3. dan40

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    Aug 19, 2015
    Richmond Va
    The circuit changed slightly over the years so the number of cap can will be dependent on which layout you want to use and also, which chassis you decide on. When buying a kit, all of the choices have been made for you. If you decide to do this piece by piece, you will need to make the choices beforehand. Valvestorm has a list for the parts but I do not believe they have a break down on every component value you will need. I think they do have a resistor kit that would include every value that you need. Marshall used half watt everywhere except for the power resistors in the B+ line which were one watt. Most folks use one watt for audio circuit and two watters for power resistors in there kits these days.
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