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    The problem:

    '86 Dakota Red MIJ Squier strat, came w/original neck + middle pickups, and a duncan 1/4 pounder type bridge, black fiber, no cover. Swapped the duncan for a Fralin Blues Special bridge pup (used) and stained the cover w/coffee and curry powder so it matched the old neck and middle covers, BUT soon discovered that the polarity of the Fralin was the same as the fender rw/rp middle, therefore, no hum cancelling in pos. 2. The polarities were N-N-S What I needed was S-N-S

    So, I called Fralin, here in Richmond and learned that they do wind this pickup in both polarities as a special order and that they would rewind the pickup for $25. I also considered just buying another pickup with the 'right' polarity, but...

    The cool cheap solution:

    It finally dawned on me to just swap the middle and neck pickups, both their position and solder points on the 5-way switch, leaving me with the polarity lineup of N-S-N.

    The problem lineup had one 'odd' polarity at the 'end', in this case, the neck, (N-N-S) so simply moving it to the middle put it where it needed to be for hum cancelling both pos 2 + 4...But instead of S-N-S, it's now N-S-N. Perfect hum cancelling and great tone in pos 2 now, and the neck and middle pickups were more or less the same, so no noticeable difference there, all for about an hour's work (had to make the old middle pickup's leads longer).

    I've got a similar problem in a Telecaster: a Duncan Pre-B 1, also bought off ebay, with the 'wrong' polarity, in that there is no hum cancelling middle position when paired with the Duncan rw/rp Twang King neck pickup, but since it's a two pickup guitar, there's no cool cheap solution available...just gotta live with the hum or change one of the pickups..

    The moral of the story is if you're buying a pickup from an ebay seller, ask the seller some questions about polarity instead of assuming it'll be what you're expecting.

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