Local-Regional Conventions - What Are Yours?


Poster Extraordinaire
Apr 14, 2006
Colorado Springs, CO
I grew up in San Jose, California and moved to Colorado in 2018. San Jose was what I knew as typical, then learned moving here some people may do things differently. Not a commentary on right or wrong, just different.

In San Jose some people, my guess at most 10% had outer screen door on their home. These were flimsy aluminum affairs, usually beat up, never on a "nice" house. In Colorado a majority of homes have significant outer doors, heavy steel with heavy glass panels, often with ornate engraving. What I find interesting is many homes leave the inner solid door open from morning till mid-evening. This occurs year round, including cold/snowing days.

In San Jose generally cars would slow and stop for pedestrians. I would never take this for granted, using much caution, but it is a thing. In Colorado the vehicle is KING, including marked crosswalks. Basically a vehicle in motion stays in motion. I haven't seen anyone hit yet but I NEVER cross in front of any vehicle here. Parking lots are especially dangerous Colorado.

In San Jose parking nose in to spaces was almost 100%. Exeptions were usually large trucks and they would park a little further out and pull though a spot or two. In Colorado I'm guessing almost 50% of all vehicles back into spaces everywhere.

In San Jose I never knew of a house with a basement. In San Francisco and Oakland cities proper, buildings and older homes have below ground levels, but not the outer district homes. In Colorado I don't think I've seen any home old or new which doesn't have a basement. Also apartment buildings have the first level half below ground.