Littlebone Fret Crowing Tool And Buzz Killer Spot Leveling Tool!!!

Discussion in 'The DIY Tool Shed' started by pfapin, Jul 17, 2019.

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    Oct 12, 2011
    Bought both of these items and really hope it takes my fretwork to the next level...

    Here are the youtube links for these products, they are the only ones I could find...

    I also bought a fret guru leveling beam, a fret guru fret end file, and one of these to help smooth fret ends...

    you can buy the sanding paper belts for them cheaply from amazon in all sorts of different grits. I plan on then using the 7 in 1 fingernail files to buff out the fret ends to get them to a nice mirror shine. I also took the advice of some here and bought some of the 3M sanding sponges and a cheap set of harbor freight jewelers files to knock down sharp fret ends and take care of fret sprout. Ive had success using those things so far for fret sprout but thought I would take it to the next level with all these new tools. The LittleBones cost $25 + shipping and the BUZZ Killer cost $75 + shipping. The brass ones are even cheaper which they show on their website, but he charges more for the ICE version which he claims is more durable and the material last longer. He also has the Katana, which is very interesting... you can fret level under string tension, read up about it on his site! Too rich for me right now, but very interesting.

    he is from Japan so you do have to pay shipping and wait a bit to get stuff. He is also on facebook and usually responds fast there...
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