Little Walter 22 specs and circuit

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    I’ve played a Little Walter 22 at church for a few years now. It is the amp the church provides for house sound until recently. The new worship leader prefers Kempers and modelers so FOH has full control of all the stage sound - but he’s an acoustic player so .....

    The Little Walter is the best sounding amp, hands down, I’ve ever played. It has respectable headroom. It doesn’t break up as soon, or as much, as a typical 5e3 circuit in my experience. I play it with all three knobs at 2 o’clock (7/10) that take it right to the edge of starting to have a little grit. You can use much of the volume range before you get into real overdrive territory. This amp has a sweet, creamy tone across the volume/tone ranges that is a pleasure to play through.

    It won’t do everything but what it does, it does exceedingly well.
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    It's sort of ironic that it is a Kemper profile that has me lusting after this amp. Your church has one and the leader wants to force you to use a profile of the real thing. Don't get me wrong. The MBritt profile of the Little Walter 22 is one of my three favorites along with a 1970 Plexi and a Amp Factory Profile of Gilmours Hiwatt DR103.

    I wish our church provided amps like this to the guitar players. That would be awesome!
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