Little Milton - I Can’t Quit You Baby


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Mar 17, 2003
albany, ny [not chicago]
Sadly, I only got to see Little Milton once, and it was a bad night for him late in his life. As I recall, it was a double bill with Otis Clay, who was in fine form that night, with a good band.

The bus had broken down on the way, putting them many hours behind and the audience had gotten beyond restless. Clay did his set and really killed it. Milton's band came out and did the old-school revue thing where the band is supposed to play some standards to warm up the audience for the headliner. By that point we were beyond the point where we could be warmed up, so their 15 minutes was tedious to sit through. Plus, the band was the C list of available touring musicians. The trumpet player was the band leader, and whenever there was a mistake he chided that player publicly like a 13 year old who's been told to keep his younger brothers in line. I was embarrassed for all of them.

Finally Milton came out. His voice was strong, but the band's groove wasn't right so he couldn't really do justice to his songs. By that point he mostly sang and played leads and the signature licks were all there, but without the right groove they didn't come off that well. It wasn't a bad show, but it was only memorable for the ways they stumbled. Still, I was glad that I saw him, because I didn't get another chance to see him before he died.