Line 6 DL4 MKII- Could this be the ONE?


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Aug 18, 2015
I got the expression pedal to work. The manual is a bit confusing because it says you have to unplug the input. It might bug the first time you plug it in if you don't do that, but in any case you don't need to do that after the first time. Simply put in in heel down, switch to a different model, move the knobs to what you want for that position. Then move it to toe down and set the knobs for that position, and you can rock back and forth. You don't need to save it, but the annoying thing is that you really have to set all the knobs, not just the ones that are different from the other position because the unit has a preset for each position that is default.

I don't find it super responsive, and it seems to step, particularly when controlling the speed.

The looper is pretty cool. It has a delay you can use, or not. It also has half-speed and reverse, which are useful for variety. I like to tap a fast beat on the fretboard at half speed backwards, and you end up with this electronic rhythm. Not sure how the looper can be used live except for experimental numbers, but it would be great for making incidental film music.

For what it's worth, I'm returning the DL4 mkI to my friend after I decide to stop playing with the looper and I've already ordered a real processor.