Lindsey Buckingham

Don Mare

Mar 22, 2003
Steve Dennison RIP (hes in the center of the picture) Steve was a Fellow band mate in Maggie-D and the Midnight 30 - he Worshiped Buckingham - even had the Rick Turner Guitar and the Gibson Electric Gut String and the WHITE LES PAUL CUSTOM and the Japanese Komodo Overcoats LOL - because of him I have had my EARS OPEN when I listen to Lindsey for the last 39 years - and Lindsey has things that nobody else does in his fingers! simple as that!


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May 10, 2021
Atlanta, GA

I will agree that Lindsey Buckingham is one of the greatest guitarists ever, even if he tried to hit his bandmates with a guitar in the Eighties. It is quite sad that Fleetwood Mac just fell out with him, because to me he is the most creative member of Fleetwood Mac.

Go Your Own Way is a good example of guitar distortion, I think Lindsey recorded the solos with at least 3 or 4 different guitars.

Lindsey plays Rick Turner guitars, but during the Rumours era he played a 74 Les Paul and a 1959 Strat with a 1965 "L" series fretboard. He has always used Mesa Boogie amps, but most of the 75 album and Rumours were cut using Marshall and Hiwatt amps.



In this picture, one can see Lindsey Buckingham playing a Stratocaster fitted with a Alembic Blaster (Could be the 59 Strat Ken's talking about, but appears to have a 65 Stratocaster Neck) it was used for the Rumours Tour on "Over My Head" in Open-D, Buckingham has multiple Strats, in a Guitar Player Magazine from 1977 he mentions to have a 63 Hybrid Strat, which is a 1963 Hardtail Stratocaster Body, been refinshed Black and Buckingham has stripped the paint, and has a 1965 Fender Stratocaster Neck (also fitted with a Alembic Blaster), the 63 Hybrid Strat has probably been on every Mac Record that Buckingham has recorded on, Probably both of those Strats have been used on the Rumours Sessions, Buckingham has also been seen with a Natural Stratocaster on stage with Richard Dashut from 1984, as well as two White Stratocasters on the Say You Will Tour 03-04, it seems to be used on "Tusk", one of them has had a Roland Synth Pickup (GR50??), in the Video "Lindsey Buckingham - Solo Anthology Unboxing Video" , Buckingham is seen with a Black Stratocaster Copy, a Sunburst Stratocaster also fitted with a Roland Pickup, and his 63 Hybrid Stratocaster

In the book "Making Rumours: The Inside Story of the Classic Fleetwood Mac Album" by Ken Caillat and Steve Stiefel, it is mentioned that Buckingham used Stratocasters during the recording of "Rumours". (page 70)

Then the fun began. All of the members of the band went out into the studio’s recording area on the other side of the large double-sided glass separating the control room from the studio, and sat down at their starting instruments: Mick with his eight-inch Ludwig snare, John with his Fender Bassman, and Christine at her Hammond B3 organ. Lindsey chose his 1959 Fender Stratocaster, and Stevie picked up her tambourine, festooned with long black ribbons.

To me, Lindsey's style of playing owes a great debt to his early heroes The Beach Boys, and above all, to the Beatles. His solo albums Out Of The Cradle and Go Insane are pretty good too. Definitely gonna have to listen to them now.


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Sep 15, 2006
He is fabulous. I’ve seen him live with Mac about 6 times over the years, and twice with his own band - incredible every time. He makes what he’s doing look easy, and we all know he’s playing incredibly difficult stuff. The first time I saw him live was right after the white album but before Rumours, Fleetwood Mac was opening for Jefferson Starship. It was a general admission show, so we were able to stand right in front of the stage. I had no idea who Lindsey and Stevie were, but I certainly did after that show. Wow. BTW, he played the white Les Paul that night, and they were doing many of the Green/Kirwan/Welch Mac tunes since they only had the one album at the time. Lindsey played so well that I hardly noticed there was only one LP instead of two on those songs. And played with fingers only! I became a big fan immediately.