Let's see your much-loved ugly guitars.

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  1. mattdean4130

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    Sep 18, 2008
    Coffs Harbour, Australia
    This thing has as much, if not more sustain than my LP.
    I threw it together out of old parts, just for something to put this real 50's Dano lisptick i picked up from ebay in.
    Gave it a ratrod paintjob, and never felt the need to change it. I toyed with the idea of giving it a double cut, but never got 'round to it... Some people would call it ugly, but if they heard it through my Orange with a blindfold - they sure wouldn't say it sounded ugly ;)

    It's got a very flat, cheap neck. Brass nut. Brass home made string tree. Cheap, cut tele bridge. Strat knobs. No grain filler, just straight up flat black paint with white painted stripes. No frills, rock and roll!

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