Leslie West's real signature? Help !

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Dec 3, 2011
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Hey Gang, I thought I would try to post here on Tele forum; it's been a long time since I have posted... I need some help , I recently purchased a 2008 Dean "Leslie West Signature" Soltero. Aside from a crack in the neck that will be repaired (shipping is too much for a return for this guitar) the guitar was autographed by Leslie West. The story is , the guy I purchased the guitar from says this via text : "it was signed for a radio show in Florida, the purchased by some rich dude and then was givin to my Uncle as a thank you gift. He then gave it to me about 3 years ago .." If ANYONE can help me find out what radio station interviewed West in Flordia during 2008 > 2020 would be really cool ... West died in Florida Dec. 2020 and resided in that state for at least 10 years? I have researched his signature and to me it looks authentic but I would like to gather more information before I try to go to a company to authenticate his signature. Also, if ANYONE KNOWS OF SUCH A COMPANY , PLEASE LET ME KNOW ... I'm keeping the guitar , not selling it as I really just wanted the guitar but then I saw this signature aptly placed on the guitar. Yes, I know there is a signed 100 count of guitars but he signed them on the back of the headstock , there could have two runs of 100? And yes, there is the "torn and freyed" USA signature model for 5K, so this guitar is a one off if legit... thanks in advance for any replies !!!!


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Nov 6, 2010
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For comparison, here is the back of the headstock on one of the limited edition "signature" guitars.
Note that there seem to be two variants of Leslie West signature guitars from Dean, one in the Les Paul Jr style and another with two pickups in a more typical Les Paul format.

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