Last night, night before

Charlie Bernstein

Doctor of Teleocity
Apr 26, 2003
Augusta, Maine
Last night, Saturday, played at Amvet Post #2 with my Catfish Brown duo buddy Buddy. Never been there before. Almost deserted. Apparently they'd had a big daytime wingding, so everyone was home sleeping it off except maybe for a couple of hardcores clinging to the bar.

But the manager and bartender loved us (Buddy's a great singer) and begged us to come back when they're expecting a full house. They were apologetic about the turnout, but Buddy and I have fun whether anyone's listening or not.

So, a success.

The night before, my quartet, the Lone Grangers, played at a golf club pub. Never been there before, either.

Turned out the new manager was the old manager of a bar I used play at, and she always liked what I was up to — a good sign. And the place was packed, thanks in part to our bass player knowing everyone in town.

We were terrible, But the management loved us, and so did the mob, so we're going back there, too.

Two nights, two new venues. And I've got a lot of stuff lined up through fall. Since my music money comes from gigs, this is a great turn of events. So many guitars, so little money!

So, on we go. Now 'scuse me while I go figure out how to work a guitar. . . .
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