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    alright fellow songwriters, i'm really glad to see this forum starting to show a little bit of life.

    this is a simple song i first created about a year or so back, and then i just kind of forgot i wrote it. it blipped on my RADAR recently and i started tinkering with it again over the Memorial Day weekend while we were at the lake. the video is nothing fancy, obviously, just a camera deal, and not my best performance, just an honest representation of the bones of a song really.

    i'm interested in your thoughts on this style of writing.. the intimate nature of the song, etc... is this relatable or is it too personal for consumption? also, interested in any other thoughts or comments you may offer. thanks

    i'm looking at old photographs, we keep em in a box
    shoved up under the bed someplace, between shoes and dirty socks
    this one's of my grandpa, his name was Buster Brown
    he drove a dump truck to stay alive, till we put him in the ground
    we called my dads dad Pappy, outside his old workshop
    he's biting on a Pall Mall, holding up a fish he caught

    kodak moments bye bye
    sometimes they make me cry, but sometimes i smile

    this is my old dog Opie, i had no truer friend
    he'd listen to my secrets, and never judge my sins
    here's one of my sister, she can talk to god
    he tells her crazy !#% to do, i just smile and nod
    this is Uncle Jimmy, standing next to Aunt Charlene
    she was the sweetest thing i ever saw, why is he so god dang mean?

    kodak moments bye bye
    sometimes they make me cry, but sometimes i smile

    this one must be Easter, i'm wearing itchy clothes
    sister's Sunday dresses and baggy pantyhose
    mom just got her hair done, twinkle in her eye
    dad behind the shutter, explains the twinkle in mom's eye

    kodak moments bye bye
    sometimes they make me cry, but sometimes i smile
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    Relatable, personal, and very nicely done.
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    Cool and reflective.
    Was just going through twenty year old boxes last week for a fam member.
    Some pictures are better left in the box… :)
    Cool delivery
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