Kemper: 3D and the "click" factor

Discussion in 'Modeling Amps, Plugins and Apps' started by braveheart, May 7, 2021.

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    I'm about to buy my last amp ever (already have 12 tube amps).

    The missing piece for completing the glory "3 musketeers" of amps (Marshall+Vox-Fender) is a legendary 60s Fender amp (DLR,Princeton or twin).

    But at the same time I think: Would a Kemper do the trick with the same 3D tone experience + a LOT more (amps) for the same price (used)?

    For you Kemper users: Has a Fender profile ever "clicked" and you thought "man, it sounds like my real amp! (ringing,bell-like,3D)
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    I am a big fan of the modern digital offerings, but it seems to me that if you are really into tube amps (and you say you own 12 of them) and you want to have a classic Fender to go with your Marshall and Vox then you should get the tube amp. You should also check out the digital stuff, it's great now. But if you are thinking about it as a hole in your collection (which is what your post sounds like) then you should accept no substitute.
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    If you’re that into tube amps I would be skeptical that a modeler would satisfy you.
    If the Fender is the next “holy grail” of your collection that’s what you get.
    I tend to think you almost have go “all in” when you go Kemper.
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  4. Frodebro

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    I've got over a dozen tube amps, but my Kemper tends to get more playing time than the rest of them combined. The playing experience is identical (and I have profiled my own amps to test this for myself), but it gets you there at any volume you want, and with whatever effects you desire. I don't view it as an alternative or replacement for any of the other amps, but rather one more amp in the collection (that happens to have hundreds of amps available instantly). It also is great for filling in the gaps for sounds that my other amps don't do (or won't do at reasonable volume levels)

    And for recording, it's pretty much all I use anymore. Direct in, no mussing with getting the amp settings and mic placement just right-it's already done and ready to go. I can work on something for a while, then come back to it any time down the road and instantly have the same sound I had when I was working on it before.
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