Katana 100 Mk I for Bass?


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Apr 13, 2004
NW Atlanta
Has anyone used a Boss Katana 100 Mark 1 for bass practice?

My son has a bass but currently no amp.
I was looking for something for him to practice with and I have a Katana 100 Mark 1 that I am not using.

Any idea how this would sound?
Its not a deep cab designed for bass but...???

I'd be willing to install a real 12" bass speaker.
Any recommendations?


Nov 10, 2014
An English peninsula
It's not going to have a whole lot of low end through a guitar speaker but at lower volumes it's not going to hurt anything... not ideal but better than no amp! Try the acoustic channel to start maybe.


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Jan 26, 2012
Troy, MO
A bass speaker in an open backed cabinet will be wasted funds. First, any speaker in an open back cabinet will suffer for bass because of low
Frequency phase cancellation between the front sound and rear sound coming off the cone. Second, any speaker will suffer from being undamped in an untuned, open enclosure so its Xmax (cone travel) will max out quickly and safe power handling will be reduced.

Instead of paying for a bass speaker, you could put the money toward a used bass amp and get a lot more bass jollies.

If it were a Katana head, you could probably have some fun driving a used. 1 x 12 or 1 x 15 bass cab with it. In fact if it has an extension speaker out, you could do that now.

The clean channel of my 150-watt solid state Peavey 1 x 12 combo drives a 1 x 15 cab pretty well, plenty loud to jam with a drummer. But I disconnected the internal 12” guitar speaker when I did that to keep from blowing it, and because it sounds bad if I don’t.