Just when I think I might be done…


Mar 14, 2004
Tucson, AZ.
Hauling everything in, and setting up nearly killed me! As a bassist, I was only responsible for my bass, amp, and mic. EVERYTHING else was provided. Now, as band leader, lead singer, and guitarist, I'm setting up the PA, mics, cables, etc AND my own guitar/amp/pedals! Thanks to age and covid, I'm perspiring about 3 times more than ever! Then scared sh:t-less from stage fright, and well de-hydrated, played fairly stiffly through the 3 sets agreed upon.

I normally have the band to my house, and set up in the garage, in the afternoon, for several hours. This has become quite comfortable for me. However, gigging does NOT appear to suit me anymore! And I haven't even brought up procurring gigs! This "pay-to-play" thang in So Cal is for the birds! As is sweating my ass off for nothing! It's just not fun anymore!

Gigging was easier 10, 20 and 30 years ago!!! Haha! But, lately, it has become an up-hill struggle.

So, again, I thank you for your story! It definitely helps me feel more like I can pull myself together, and carry on! Which is what I really want, ultimately!

Here's to more years of singing and playing! Cheers!
The last three gigs I’ve played were taxing, and in the case of two of them, it was because the event was poorly planned and managed. (The third was taxing because it was 110 degrees, that day.)

My physical health is fine, but I’m just tired of the hassle. I’ll play any gigs our bassist comes up with, out of loyalty, but I’m no longer seeking additional opportunities to perform.

I got to do some things, musically, that I treasure as fine memories. For one, I got to do some Jazz guitar, with double bass and drums. A rare, but rewarding treat. I got to play some Surf in a trio setting, once again, very rewarding. Finally, I got to do lead vocals and guitar in a trio setting, which is very rewarding.

If a friend should call and ask me to play a gig, I’ll probably do it, but I’m not going to solicit any more gigs. The cost-to-benefit ratio is just not that favorable, for me.