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Discussion in 'Welcome Wagon' started by bolt5, Dec 27, 2008.

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    Dec 27, 2008
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    My 13 yr old guitar player and I built a telecaster from the StewMac (I highly recommend) parts list this fall and I thought I would register to thank all the folks who post helpful information here. The tele is the fourth guitar in our house. We have a Fernandes "strat", a no frills mahagony Les Paul , a Washburn acoustic, and the tele which is now the favorite. We learned a ton from building and setting up the tele- it was a great first guitar tech course. It has a swamp ash body, maple neck, Wilkinson compensated 3 saddle bridge, and Wilkinson pick-ups, a clear nitrocellose finish and white pickguard. We learned how to spray and finish laquer; how to wire a tele; learned that six barrels tend to buzz more than three. We had to learn what was characteristic tele and what was wrong - my son primarily played a LP until we built this one. He learned that the longer scale tele needs more tension than the LP and the same strings feel different on the tele. We learned that the output was lower because we have low output pups and how to check to check approximate pup resistance at the jack with a multimeter. Most of my troubleshooting searches led to posts from this forum. So thanks again to all who post to the tech section.
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    Welcome to the TDPRI, bolt5! Happy to hear you're now a member.

    Very nice story about spending quality time with junior, making a Telecaster.

    May we see a pic of the finished Telly please?

    Enjoy the time you'll spend with us! :)
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