Just Arrived from the northern south.


Mar 4, 2017
Greenville, KY 42345
My name is Tony and I'm just joining this forum. Been playing with guitars since I was 12. Started on an old '59 Silvertone with a Kay 503 amp. I still have them. Now I own a mess of guitars. Not because I'm a great player (Believe me, I'm not!) I do, however enjoy guitars and really love doing modest work on them. (I also am not a luthier. I have been an electrician for more years than I can remember. (Not saying much, I can't remember what I was doing 20 minutes ago.) Anyway this forum thing is new for me. I do have a question that I will put in a post later. I have three Tele style guitars. I have a Parts-caster tele that I built from a Squier body I found on Ebay and a Fender Telecaster 22 fret roasted maple neck I also got on Ebay. I also have a Chinese copy Tele. I loved the Tequila Sunrise finish on the Chinese guitar and it was cheeeeep. I replaced all of the hardware with authentic Fender hardware. The mounting holes were slightly off so they had to be filled and re-drilled. I also put an official Fender pearloid pickguard on the guitar. My third Tele is a "Stinger": a guitar made in Asia for Martin back in the seventies when someone up there in Nazareth thought Martin should try to expand into the electric guitar business. It has a single coil at the neck and a humbucker in the bridge position. At one time there was a coil-split switch to switch the Humbucker into single coil operation. The Stinger also has a floating Strat style bridge. Definitely an interesting guitar. All three guitars are really enjoyable to play. I bought the Squier body because its red "Antique Burst" closely resembled the finish of the same name on my 89 Fender American Deluxe Plus Stratocaster. So I have a Strat and Tele that look like cousins of the same mother ... or something like that. That's all to my Fender Collection. I did have a Jaguar that I just never enjoyed playing. (Somebody got a great deal on that guitar in my Daughter's annual Springtime Yardsale. I've got more that are going to show up in her future Yardsales. Anyway that's about it the Fender Part of my life.


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Apr 15, 2017
Harvest, Alabama
Welcome, Tony.
I myself live in the northern part of a Southern State.

Interesting collection you have there, sir.
The Stinger interests me the most, I guess.
Don't see many of those, but I have never heard much bad about them.


Dan German

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Feb 21, 2008
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Hey, wait a minute ... I just noticed it says you joined in 2017.

Tony joined in 2017, and posted just once before, in May of 2020.

This is admittedly a minimalist approach to web forum posting.
I do look forward to more frequent visits from him though.

Really want to see pics of his guitars.
Minimalist and reverse order. I thought I made a left turn through a time portal on the way home yesterday, now I’m sure of it. Anyway, remmahgoD draoba emocleW!