For Sale/Trade Joe Meek British channel strip VC6Qcs v2


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Oct 15, 2019
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I’ve had this sucker for a long while and only used it a couple of times. It was one of the last models made in England and sounds amazing. I just don’t much use for it.

This particular model seems rare as I can’t find any info on it, even on the Joe Meek website. As far as I know, this is essentially the VC6 with an eq section and CurrentSense mic preamp. According to Joe Meek’s site, advantages of CurrentSense over traditional mic pre are: extended frequency response higher and lower; a more even frequency response can be expected from all microphone types; any microphone can be used without having to make impedance adjustments; any cabling can be used (the resistance/quality no longer matters).

It’s in excellent shape (save for a small nick just below “slope” knob), and comes in a sturdy SKB rack bag.

$400 shipped

Literature from Joe Meek on the VC6Q:

This Full rack mount unit packs the punch of the more expensive JOEMEEK equipment and offers identical sounds and quality to the home recordist and musicians at a fraction of the price. All it's big brother's features are there, the Microphone Pre Amplifier, the JOEMEEK compressor, the instrument pre amp on the front panel, and one channel of the stunning Joemeek EQ "Meekqualizer. The new VC6Q is a fundamental breakthrough for the rapidly expanding home studio market, and is designed to give real power to the pure and clinical sounds of modern digital equipment when tracking. World class sound, the "NEW" JOEMEEK British Channel is a must for the user whose quality requirement is greater than their budget.


The 'front end' is an entirely new design using 5 complete stages of amplification controlled by a single volume control. The design gives (microphone) input headroom of more than 30dB; the input is floating balanced and will easily accept microphone levels from -70dB up to more than 0dB. Phantom power is provided for capacitor microphones via a switch on the rear. Noise performance is up to finest laboratory standards (-125.5dB below input 20Hz to 20kHz 200 Ohm input termination). The line input is designed for balanced circuits and will accept -30dB up to +24dB. The nominal operating level at the 'insert' point is -10dB but as maximum output at that point is +24dB the VC6Q can operate with any mixer.

Added on the front of the unit there is an unbalanced 'instrument' input with a 1.5 Meg ohm 1/4" input for plugging direct Guitar, Bass, and Keyboards.


The built-in JOEMEEK compressor is a Photo-optical resistive servo operated circuit. The Ratio is variable from a minimum of 1.2 to 1, to a maximum of approx. 10 to 1 variable. Attack time is 1ms minimum to 11ms maximum (variable), and the Release time has a minimum 250ms to 5 Seconds maximum (variable).


The EQ section is one complete channel from the VC5 "Meekqualizer"

• TREBLE CONTROL Approx 18dB lift and cut at the shelving frequency of 8KHz. (fixed)

• MID CONTROLS Approx 16dB lift and cut at 600Hz to 3.5KHz sweep variable. 'Q' value of the mid frequencies varies (increases) with frequency. 'Q' at 600Hz approx 1.2 at 3.5KHz approx 2.5.

• BASS CONTROL Approx 18dB lift and cut at the shelving frequency of 100Hz. (fixed).

• In/out switch (bypass) with indicator

• Unique sound, totally unlike any digitally modeled plugin or analog project studio console EQ on the market.


The VC6Q comes equipped with a 5 LED gain reduction indicator array and in/out switch with indicator. The first blue LED of the meter array stays on all the time to show that compression is on. The second LED lights at a level of -3dB. The third LED lights at a level of -6dB. The fourth LED lights at a level of -9dB. The fifth LED lights at a level of -12dB


Frequency response +0 -0.5dB 10Hz to 50KHz Low frequency accuracy maintained to get clear unmuddled bass sounds onto digital recorders. Harmonic distortion less then 0.01% except where compression effects low frequency wave shape. Noise generally 100dB below input (125.5dB below input on mic at more than 50dB gain)


A nine segment LED "meter" shows levels immediately before the output stage. An output volume control gives the choice of output volume levels.


A peak meter is supplied at the input stage that reads from three separate points giving an accurate indication of overload. The LED comes on at 3db before clipping.


* Input gain control with 60dB range on mic and 30dB range on line.

* Phantom power (switched on/off) with LED indicator.

* 20db Pad Switch with LED indicator

* Phase Reverse Switch with LED indicator

* Mic / Line switch with LED indicator

* Compression attack speed is variable.

* Compression release speed control is variable.

* Compression ratio is variable.

* Compression in/out switch with "Blue" LED indicator.

* Five segment LED gain reduction meter

* Bass shelf boost/cut +-18dB at 100Hz

* HF shelf boost/cut +- 18dB at 8Kz

* Mf parametric boost/cut +-18db with frequency sweepable between 600Hz to 3.5kHz

* EQ in/out switch with LED indicator.

* An accurate LED input "peak" meter.

* Output volume control

* Nine segment LED output meter

* XLR microphone input, 1/4" balanced jack line input, 1/4" instrument preamp input.

* 1/4" jack Insert point after the mic amp and pre-compressor.

* Dual 1/4" TRS line level outputs.

* Internal Power Supply 115/230VAC

* On/Off switch on front panel

* 1U size (1.75"x19"x 5")



Mar 19, 2010
looks interesting, I'm sure someone will enjoy this gadget.
possibly some additional information in the form of an old review article on the vc6-

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