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    Nov 23, 2006
    Am considering spec'ing a CS Jim Root tele if doable:

    * hog w/ ebony compound board per JR spec - sort for light (all) woods
    * baked woods (including the ebony board if doable)
    * tuners/pickup TBD, pio caps, cloth wire, etc.
    * flat yellowed/aged (dark black-green like a puddle of aged crude oil) nitro finish - maybe factory sandblast
    * black aged/flat/shot hardware/finish - basically a Heavy Relic
    * heavy-knurled old-school tele flat-top brass knob like my Luxxtone superstrat

    Current JR owners - is the production model good enough ie. is this a wasted $$ idea ? How is the EMG thing ?

    Just not interested in the ebony board model in white. has to be mahogany/ebony w/ a dark nitro finish.
    Could get the USA JR JM to fit my color/board requirement - but already got a killer MB heavy-relic JM in BM from CME last summer. and the USA JR JM is satin urethane not nitro.

    or imagine a JR in this (exact) killer Desert Sand finish:


    currently teles are '04 CS '61 Custom Tele Ltd. & early '08 sugar pine LSL in a relic white, so no more oly/white teles needed.

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