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Jim Campilongo Live, Atwood's Tavern

Discussion in 'Telecaster Discussion Forum' started by JazzTwanger, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. JazzTwanger

    JazzTwanger Tele-Meister

    Dec 25, 2004
    Washington, DC
    I had the chance to catch Jim Campilongo last Sunday at Atwood's Tavern in Cambridge, MA. Amazing show -- I highly recommend checking him out if you get the chance.

    I was happy to see that be brought along his original 1959 (rather than the new signature model), plugged into a silverface Princeton Reverb. Killer tone. The band was also tight. Posted a full review on my blog.
  2. Twinkie

    Twinkie Tele-Meister

    Jun 4, 2010
    Next time you see Jim let' em know we'd like to see him out here in Seattle one of these days.
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