It’s not Leo’s fault, but . . . .


Oct 12, 2020
I used to play a Strat primarily for years and never had an issue with the middle pickup or volume knob. I didn't understand how people could have issues with it. However, since switching to predominantly Teles and other two-pickup guitars, I've noticed that I have the middle pickup issue on the rare occasions I pick up the Strat again. I'm sure I could get used to it again if I played my Strat more often but it just doesn't call my name much anymore.


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Nov 14, 2010
Santa Barbara
This thread highlights one of the pleasures of being an electric guitar player. You can be particuylar, even fussy, about configuration because people like Leo Fender conceived instruments that can be laid out in a variety of ways, all of them offering different advantages. Big issues for some are non-issues, even preferences, for others. My two favorite guitars - Strat, and an old Gibson LP/SG Custom are both 3 pickup guitars and I never am even aware of the physical presence of the middle PU since it is not in the path of the pick or my hand when I play. Ditto for the controls. I find it far more awkward to have to move my picking hand away from playing position to operate controls. If I played differently, my "Strat solution" would be to reposition the middle PU in any number of spots (and for me, more likely near the neck) which would require a new pickguard and some easy filling and re-routing underneath. I would move to a two pot setup, 1V, 1T (in the two tone pot spots) and for the selector, I might put a PRS-type PU selector knob, which doesn't shoft when brushed, where the original volume knob was, and ditch the blade switch entirely. Or, I'd just buy a Strat-type with my preferred layout. The LP/SG Custom is a different story, as it's pretty hopeless to change the layout since there's no room to move the middle PU and lowering it way down defeats the purpose of having it to begin with.