Is this just the "grumpy old man" forum now?


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Aug 14, 2009
innsmouth, MA
Well first off, the OP in that thread WASN'T saying "watsa matta with kids today?".

The question was not loaded with any judgement or condemnation, and was phrased with genuine curiosity.
Further, the CORRECT answer was also not grumpy old men complaining about kids today, though plenty of incorrect answers were posted.
It's too bad the actual reason was lost in the barrage of grumpy vs anti-grumpy posts.

October is Breast Cancer awareness month!

That is why women of all ages including conservative, are dying their hair pink.

A few posts noted this and some of us mentioned having lost loved ones to breast cancer.
But the grumpy posts did indeed miss the mark, and devolve the non grumpy thread into a whole nother animal.

wait so someone is conservative years old?


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Feb 6, 2013
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I found time to read the first eight pages of this wonderful cross section of tele owners opinions. I'm not feeling particularly anything at all about this non controversial controversy.

I'd like to add a not very big MEH! to this weighty discussion.

Just a reminder.

It's only digits.


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Mar 2, 2010
wait so someone is conservative years old?

Well the point of that grammaticality you noted was that this whole durn thread is about behaviors associated with age; AKA ageism.
The OP combined grumpy with old, and set the tone for the discussion quite clearly.
Of course the OP also used the thread the thread is about as tone control here, and the original tone included two groups of women:

1) "So many young women"
2) "Also on otherwise quite conventional looking women"
So when i wrote "Women of all ages including conservative,"; I could have used the terminology from the OP in the subject of the OP and said "women of all ages including conventional".
But I chose to change conventional to conservative, figgering it wold carry the spirit better than the confusion of suggesting there are conventional ages. Call it a lesser of two evils.
But the grammar police are oddly not bringing their grumpy schoolteacherisms to bear in this thread much?
You above comment is welcome though, and doesn't sound grumpy!
Gettin' down to unimpeded speech!

Now for a 12yo, the conservative ages would be over maybe 35.
For a 35-40yo you'd think at that age one would assume you had to be at least 70 to have lost the open minded curiosity and delight with the world around you that all 35-40yo guitar players must surely retain?

I mean since we're discussing ageism, I assume every 40yo is still full of curiosity and delight with the wonders life brings them every day?
I set the alarm on my smartphone every night to make sure I don't sleep more than eight hours.
Why? Because the rest of my life is limited and I still have things to do!
My hands hurt but I love the sound of my cranked guitar, and married a woman who at least tells me she likes it too!
My back hurts but I love making stuff and fixing stuff, so I'm building a taller workbench (for less bending down at the tasks) in the garage, on heavy duty casters with storage underneath since the years have brought me lots of stuff to make and fix with!
My head hurts and I'm waiting to get a broken wisdom tooth pulled but I love cooking and eating and I reckon the cooler weather will make the hunk of ginger I just bought last night go nicely with the curry I'm making tonight with the two packages of boneless chicken in the fridge!

Life is still awesome!
The awe being largely that I survived all my foolishness of youth...
Plus guitar playing and workshop projects and food, oh my!
The TDPRI is cool too...