Is this just the "grumpy old man" forum now?


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Mar 2, 2010
I didn't click on that thread because I find the endless "watsa matta with kids today" threads tiresome. I deal with 18-24 year olds for a living, at a mid level state university, and overall they seem pretty great to me. There are some lazy bums but it was ever thus, in every generation. For they most part they seem smart and curious and ambitious. I like them.

For some people it seems really important to denounce the present as always worse than the past, and this extends to everything-toast was toastier, gas was gassier, steel was more steely, bacon tasted like steak, etc etc.

I was grumpier as a young man than I am now

? I actually didn’t comment at all on the thread. I don’t see what I posted as a rant, but sorry if you do. Maybe read it again?

I’ll stick with my original observation that there are a lot of what’s the matter with kids today threads here.

Well first off, the OP in that thread WASN'T saying "watsa matta with kids today?".

The question was not loaded with any judgement or condemnation, and was phrased with genuine curiosity.
Further, the CORRECT answer was also not grumpy old men complaining about kids today, though plenty of incorrect answers were posted.
It's too bad the actual reason was lost in the barrage of grumpy vs anti-grumpy posts.

October is Breast Cancer awareness month!

That is why women of all ages including conservative, are dying their hair pink.

A few posts noted this and some of us mentioned having lost loved ones to breast cancer.
But the grumpy posts did indeed miss the mark, and devolve the non grumpy thread into a whole nother animal.


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Mar 2, 2006
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I tend to think that the worst aspect is that the general defense of women with dyed hair in the thread is along the lines of "I don't mind, I still find them hot..." While I doubt this thread will change anything TDPRI is (and I've argued this before) a boys club that will slowly collapse as members age. I'm surrounded by young people who play/build/etc... and occasionally this site comes up and almost always the response is... 'they really don't youth there.' Despite how people on this site feel and what their intentions are... well it's coming off as a place that's very unwelcoming unless you either remain silent or conform.

I mean... some people tried to engage with this topic seriously but the OP has been derided and mocked just as much. You might say people should have thicker skins and that might be true, but if you're shy and a bit fragil (for reasons that aren't our business) you should still feel welcome in a place like this.

If you feel the need to objectify, complain, etc... well the world wide web has plenty of places specifically for that.

two things: the young people used 'youth' as a verb? how modern!
you don't remain silent and you don't conform and you seem to do fine. I don't recall (maybe I missed it) you being pilloried for your opinion.

This place, like all places, will eventually collapse. I think when codgers talk about the good old days and complain about all the new and young people and their ideas, it is just that they see the decay and the collapsing (in relative comparison) and it is the fear talking.

I didn't comment in the thread about they dyed hair because, well, people get to do whatever they want, I don't even really process things like hair color or whatever and the reasons for that stuff is probably as varied as there are people....

But, the subsequent 'scold' thread I have made fun of because, it is ridiculous. This forum was started by a high school kid. He is now, sheesh, 38 years old! Can't we get beyond the stereotypes of old guys and young guys and women (young and old) and just argue and bicker and snipe one human to the other?

I have some relatives who CONSTANTLY notice racism and sexism (in others) they are from a country other than the US. They also CONSTANTLY say negative things about Germans... and they seem to think that the world is a horrible place because of men. Even the men in their family think that... I find that limiting. but, hey, we pick our prisons!

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Mar 31, 2009
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There was a thread about me body checking a yuppie gal in the grocery store. And the time I El-Kabonged a drunk with my Peavey T60 guitar.

I’m sure they had it coming!

:lol: One of the time-worn homilies I used in my classroom was, "If we ran around giving everybody what they deserve, we'd be in trouble all the time."


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Oct 13, 2006
A steel guitar engagment.
It is hard to talk to someone with a nose ring coming out of their nostrils.
It just is, for me. I keep looking at it and wondering what if they sneeze.

Ya., Im old, I guess

True but the ring comes in handy if you need to remove them from the bar for being disrespectful or unruly.