Is there a song worse than China Grove?


May 17, 2008
West Coast
I don't care to ever hear another KISS song, and I'm not sure I'd even give Detroit Rock City a thumbs up, but KISS (whatever lineup) is clearly more competent than The Ramones. Except Deedee, of course, and yet we let The Ramones pass as a decent, quality band when they're not only not that, but they pretended to be the inspiration for a bunch of young players (some quite good) when the thought (if any) was "Surely I can do better than that".

Imagine you're being interviewed, and you want the interview to just hurry up and end without hurting the feelings of the professionally injured (those who practice their offense at anything and everything). What to say, to just get the interview over? My inspiration? Why, The Ramones of course. It is just a conversation stopper, folks.

As a counter argument - I present Deke Dickerson, playing with Marky Ramone, covering Surfin' Bird, which is possibley one of the worst songs in the world, (and then they bounce into Blitzkreig Bopp)

Deke has played in a Ramones tribute band, as well, and I would posit that Deke is one of the coolest people on this planet and the next. Ergo - HEY! HO! LETS GO!! :)

So much to love and so much to hate all at once. But I luv chaos and discord



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May 7, 2016
Eastern USA
I have come to realize that the person who delivers vehicles for me to inspect and re-con has a preference for "'70's on 7" on that popular satellite radio system. (I don't subscribe, but the subscriptions are often still active from previous owners) and I will often let it play a few songs just to see what's on the playlist.

Anyway, as I drove my usual test route- "Ventura Highway- America" came on, and it made me think of this thread. I know there have been many suggestions for songs that are of course- far worse than China grove, including some submissions of my own.
But as I listened, I realized, this example is much closer in comparison in many ways-

inane nonsensical lyrics,
Heavy airplay that made me want to destroy my eardrums,

Then the irony-
Next song?
China Grove.

IMO, China grove is definitely not worse than Ventura Highway by any measure.

Direct A/B comparison.

I stand by my previous opinion.
No. China Grove is not the worst ever.
Not by any stretch.