Info on Kay/Old Kraftsman Solid State Amp

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    Hi all,

    Does anyone know any details on this amp? It looks very similar to the Kay Vanguard line from the early 60s. I’ve also seen a few Old Kraftsman amplifiers that look similar. However I’ve never been able to find the actual model. (805).

    Looks like hell, but still works great. You’d never know it was a SS amp, however the tremolo circuit isn’t working any longer. It was my Dads first guitar amp, and I use it frequently and would like to find a schematic for repair purposes. I’ve attached some photos of it below.

    00563686-7BB0-4D3A-9ED5-7A316BF6D144.jpeg FF784622-506E-4E1E-90F5-D2685E34D280.jpeg 34A3ECED-0925-4910-9672-2343F8164B57.jpeg
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