I'm watching neighborhood dog-comedy...


Friend of Leo's
Feb 23, 2018
Sauth Carolina
After lunch, I had to sit down and review some Amazon choices put in our cart by Miz Diane. I like to do that on the main PC, bigger pictures, etc.

Our "office" is in the front of the house (formerly a dining room) and I have a nice view out the window over the front porch, road, neighbor's yard, etc.

While perusing bird anti-collision window stickers (killed two in the last two weeks), I see a fawn-colored streak run by...the young Great Dane next door is out again. His name is "Bennett" and he's untrained, untrammeled and on afterburner. Neighbor got him from their kid who thought he was cute...until he started growing. Now full grown, he is really a beautiful dog...but desperately needs training. The wife has been to the hospital twice since they were saddled with him...both times he's yanked her to the ground while on a walk. He outweighs her and substantially out-muscles her.

I called the owner, she's out of state. She's called her daughter to come get the dog...but until then, her old man is on the hunt (she couldn't raise him on the phone but I texted her that he was out trying to retrieve the escapee).

The old man (my curmudgeon mentor) is incapable of handling him (both physically and mentally) and really doesn't like him (yes, I've gently talked to them about fostering him out).

So...I'm watching the old man creeping down the street in his van, yelling at the dog (who is now tired of running wild), honking his horn, etc., trying to get the dog to get in the van. The dog is ignoring him. Thankfully the dog isn't aggressive...just having a nice time escaping.

Ah...retired life. I should make popcorn.