I'm going to drag my pod Live out from under the bed..

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    Jun 28, 2019
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    The Variax can be retuned using the software and the string tension doesn't end up going ..
    flop-iddy-flop-iddy-flop. The darn thing can do some very extreme things when connected to the Pod.I've been off amps since my first Red Kidney Pod, If I can get my issues or when I get my issues with pass word account straightened out with Reason Studio I intend to give look into neural dsp plugins like the Fortin Satan,(Ola Englund's Fortin Custom Randall Amp
    now a plug in and the No Name plugin (could it be a wonderfully vintage Marshall?)

    using varying processing plug ins to modify multiple copies of the same track and creatively mix the different takes in different ways guitar begins to seems more like painting with brushes ink pens scrappers texturing tools, not letting the experiment slip into sonic tossed salad, is the trick.
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