I'm building a Tat out of a Tele

Slacker G

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Sep 7, 2021
Since this is a Tele conversion I thought I would post it here, however I am only going to paste a link to all the progress pics rather than load them into this forum. I think I am going to like it but only time will tell. OOPS.
I can't post the link because it is verboten . Perhaps I can put it up without a direct link?

strat talk threads " I'm-building-a-tat-out-of-a-tele.590143/ " I thied this with Google and it works. I do not know any other way to post the pics other than cluttering this forum with them. Hope I am not breaking any rules.

Grant (JurnyWannaB) offered a free Tele body to anyone that wanted it. I said I would like to have it and he sent it to me. I didn't realize that it needed a lot of work before I could do anything with it. The body sat around for months and last week I finally figured out what I was going to do with it.

The project is far from finished, but I thought that I would upload the progress on it so far. Here are some pics of it so far and what the plan is. The control cavity has yet to be filled in and I don't know if I am going to put a stereo jack in the front or not, ( This would be used in "Stereo Mode" to power two separate amplifiers). I am keeping the mono jack in its normal location. This may or may not be the pickguard I end up using.

This pic is in my latest post near the current thread shows the standard Tele control hole filled and with a varitone installed for more sonic options.
Hole filled  new Bridge .JPG

Posted 11 pics.