Ibanez AW54OPN?


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Feb 19, 2015
I meant to ask opinions on this model before I made a choice. But Sweetwater had a good deal and I wanted it here for when my oldest son returns from college for winter break. He's really begun to fall in love with guitar lately, after being a self-taught piano player for many years. He's ready. And this looks to be a guitar that he'll really enjoy and use.

I think I gambled well, but any quirks or issues here we should know about?

I would have just given him one of my acoustics, but he'll be taking it back to his dorm, of course. And mine are, well, needed here. One is in standard tuning, one almost always in DADF#AD, another is my classical, yet another is my 12-string. And, of course, I can't be without my baritone acoustic. While I can only play one at a time, my bandmates use 'em, visitors, imaginary friends....

And yet I wonder why I'm broke, right? And why we Americans are in such debt. (Obvious answer: We need more guitars. And amps.)
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