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  1. Buck@r00

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    Feb 23, 2006
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    In previous posts I stated that my Peavey Milestone II was better than any Fender MIM. But a local instrument shop had a "March Madness" sale and I bought a Fender MIM sunburst P Bass.

    To the casual eye it doesn't look much different from the Peavey but OH, does it play sooo much better. The Peavey had different tones depending on which string you played. Nice and deep on the low two but very tinny on the higher ones. In fact I had gotten into the habit of not even playing the G string if I could avoid it.

    But with my new one the open G sounds exactly like the "D" at the fifth fret or "A" at the 10th fret etc. It has given me so many more options as I play.

    I switched to Fender Flats and dressed it up a little with a 62 P Bass tort pickguard, thumbrest, and ashtray (I just can't get into the p/u cover). A liitle Kiwi on the headstock and it looks pretty much like a 62 P Bass RI at about 1/4 the price.

    So even though I think the Peavey is a great bass for the price (I sold it to a friend's nephew for his metal band - he love's it) I do apologize for my insult to Fender MIM.

    Mea Culpa and thumpin' away

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  2. broadcaster

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    Looks & sounds like you got a good one Buck. I like the vintage look with the chrome/tort, etc.

    I have done the Kiwi trick a several times to mim Fenders in the past. Quick fix for the vintage look for sure.
  3. Stuco

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    Aug 27, 2006
    Nice looking bass
  4. 4mal

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    Now if you want that bugger to play closer to a 62 RI, take it to your local luthier. Ask him to rool the neck edges and dress the frets to match the roll. You may or may not do a new nut at the same time as you are effectively reducing finger board width, albeit by a hair. My luthier charges $75 and the difference in playability is increbible. You lose that kinda new'ish grabby feeling on the fb edge and get something that has that old played in feel that just promotes the inner George Porter in us...
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