I need suggestions for tuning wind chimes

Blue Bill

Doctor of Teleocity
Feb 15, 2014
I was doing renovation work on an old building recently, part of the job was removing some lengths of 4 inch iron pipes, which were the old roof drains. I noticed they have a beautiful ringing tone, that sustains for a long time. The owner gave me permission to take them.

My plan is to make some jumbo wind chimes out of them. I have 3 lengths, ranging from 52 inches to 37 inches. I picked up a frequency counter app, and figured an equation to determine which length of pipe will produce a certain frequency of sound. I'm trying to figure out which 3 notes to use.

Anyone have ideas on which 3 notes will sound best? I'll be listening to this chord for a long time. I'm afraid a I-III-V major chord will sound annoying, in it's perpetual cheeriness. An I-iii-V minor chord seems too sad. I was hoping you jazz guys know which 3 note chord will sound interesting.

I was thinking the 432-based notes would be most groovy. The three lengths I have create 303Hz, just under an Eb note, 459Hz, just under a B, and 580Hz, just under an Eb, an octave above the longest pipe.

I'd like to keep the length of the pipes as long as possible, to get the deepest tones, any major chord means chopping off a foot or so of at least one pipe. I can get an inverted B chord, Eb, B and F#. Or an C chord, G, E and C. Or maybe octave E flats, with a B-flat 5th, a rockin' power chord.

If you have a second, any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated, thanks.