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I Messed Up: Help Match My Headstock to My Neck

Discussion in 'Finely Finished' started by heyslowfinger, Nov 18, 2020.

  1. Martinp

    Martinp Tele-Afflicted

    Mar 17, 2003
    Westbury, N.Y.
    Tung oil is typically a one step solution, with multiple wipe on coats, and fine steel wool in between.
    I would use amber shellac, thin it a bit, and you should get close to that color, and then you could coat it with poly or lacquer.
    good luck
  2. heyslowfinger

    heyslowfinger TDPRI Member

    Nov 18, 2020
    Los Angeles, CA
    UPDATE #2

    Success! After a week of trial and error (and learning), I finally got a color that I am happy with.
    Here is the before (bare wood) and after on my Allparts neck.


    TransTint to the rescue! Originally I attempted Minwax Goldan Pecan Stain and also tried Amber Shellac (per @stratisfied's and @Martinp's suggestion) . The color was still off with those attempts. Decided to pick up some TransTint dyes, and BAM! Looks good to me.

    TransTint Dyes Used:
    • Honey Amber
    • Orange
    • Golden Brown
    • Dark Vintage Maple
    Now I understand when others say that there is no exact formula for mixing colors. My recipe took some time until I slowly built up to the color.

    NEXT STEPS (Please advise)

    To avoid this disaster again, I am laying out my plan to get this decal right.
    Neck is finished with a Satin Poly so the headstock will be finished the same.

    1. Seal the headstock with a light coat of CLEAR GLOSS Polyurethane
      (My understanding is that having a gloss surface will allow the decal to sit better)???
    2. Mist my decal with the same Clear Gloss to seal it.
    3. Apply the decal using MicroSet/MicroSol
    4. Make sure there is no silvering and let dry overnight
    5. Bury the decal in Clear Gloss
    6. Wet sand in between (1200)
    7. Finish final coat (or two) with Clear Satin
    Do these steps look correct, or can I avoid using Gloss and stick to Satin since I will be using MicroSet/Sol which will promote better adhesion to the surface?

    Anything to look out for or avoid in my second attempt?

    Regardless of the decal, I appreciate all the help and I am very happy I was able to match the colors. :)
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  3. jfgesquire

    jfgesquire Tele-Afflicted

    May 23, 2018
    Lake View

    The color looks great.

    I would test the following on scrap first:

    I would put on two coats of gloss poly, then the decal, then decal setting solution, then build up light coats of the gloss poly (NOT wipe on!) over the decal if you want the decal buried in the finish, then lightly sand as you build up the finish. Then only use satin at the end, if that's the look you are after.
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