I measured the neck on a 2018 Affinity Tele (Indonesia)

Discussion in 'Squier Tele Forum' started by ald1972, Nov 22, 2018.

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    Seems like there have been a few questions about the necks on the Squier Affinity Teles after production was recently moved from China to Indonesia.

    I briefly had a 2018 MII Squier Affinity Tele in my possession last week - so I dragged out the digital calipers.

    Thickness (1st fret): 0.818 in.

    Thickness (12th fret): 0.887 in.

    Fretboard Width (Nut): 1.655 in.

    Fretboard Width (12th Fret): 2.0765 in.

    String Spacing (Nut): 1.4305 in.

    String Spacing (12th Fret): 1.820 in.

    Note: I measure "String Spacing" across the outside of the strings (i.e. side of strings closer to the respective edges of the fret board).

    So (based on this example) the MII Squier Affinity Teles do not appear to have a particularly-narrow width at the nut - unlike their MIC predecessors.
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    I found, especially on the Indonesian Strats, that the shoulder carve is what matters, not the width and depth measurements (often within 0.5 to 1mm variation which is insignificant).

    If you look at the side of a Squier neck and see the carve starts behind the fretboard glue line the circumference of the neck (that's what your hand has to wrap around) will feel 'chunky'; but nearly all of the Squier Strats and some not all of the Squier Teles have a carve starting near the front edge of the fretboard and immediately cut back at an acute angle so instead of a square fretboard edge it's nearly a knife edge. And the circumference suffers, feels 'thin'.

    Sometimes on a direct rear picture of a guitar on a web site you can see the fretboard glue line and the fretboard edges on both sides of the neck and know it's a 'thin carve'.

    I have an older Indonesian Squier Standard Tele with the thin carve like a Strat, and about the same age China Affinity with the chunkier carve. Teles are a mixed bag at both factories/countries. Squier Strats seem to be very consistently 'thin'-carved no matter where or price-model point.

    I have actually found more consistent chunky necks on Spectrum, First Act, Washburn and other cheap starter brands -- which feel more like MIA/MIM necks. Epiphone Specials have a chunkier neck very much like a MIM Tele which I like. So I have really stopped buying Squiers. Maybe Fender-Squier will decide that a large segment of buyers like chunky necks and offer replacement necks or specific models with it.

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    Yeah, it's amazing how the shape, especially the "shoulder" makes necks feel different. I had a JV Strat and my Clapton Strat at the same time for a while. Absolutely hated the JV V neck. But love the Clapton neck, which is fuller at the shoulder and not so V shaped.
    Exaggerated view of the difference:
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