"I got cat class and I got cat style" Songs about the feline of the species


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Dec 2, 2003
The Netherlands

Ah yes, the cat, for thousands of years, this never truly domesticated predator has enriched and enlightened the lives of us humans, who they accept as their company, NEVER the other way around. After all; a dog has a master, but a Cat has servants.

So it's to no surprise that the Cat has inspired a lot of songs which celebrate the feline species, let's showcase them.

Let me start off with a band actually called "The Cats"

And with "Sure, he's a cat" as the song title, it sure fits into this category just nicely.

And here's another band with a feline name singing a song with the word "cat" in the title.

Come on, that one SHOULD be in there.

Here's an obscure one, I doubt any of you know of Roberto Jaketti and the Scooters

And that title "Love cat" ties in rather nicely to...

And to close it all off, here's Primus.